Cookies policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are snippets of information (text files) which are stored on your computer when you visit website pages. Here at Floors By Design Leicester, we use the information gathered from cookies to review and analyse our website visitors behaviour on our site. For example, we can see how many visitors have been on our website and what pages they have viewed and for how long.

What cookies do we use and how so we use them?

It is important to first mention that cookies pose no risk to your computer or your security. The only cookies that we currently use are for Google Analytics. In future we may also use cookies from social media plug-ins (e.g, Facebook and Twitter). The aim of using these cookies is to better improve the website experience for all of our visitors. Google Analytics allows us to see if there are any issues with our website that our visitors have found. It can also help us to identify the most important content for our future visitors.

Do you need cookies enabled?

We are pleased to say that you don't have to have cookies enabled to use our website. However, is it important to mention that the majority of web browsers have cookies enabled by default. You can disable them if you wish. Please consult your website browser help section if you are unsure of how to enable and disable cookies.

Floors By Design have provided the above information to act in compliance with the recent cookies legislation. We also want to be open, honest and clear to all of our visitors with regards to our cookies policy and what the information is used for by us.