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Ruben Deschamps moved housed a while ago with his wife Nes and his two daughters Renée and Anna. Their new home was built fairly recently, so they did not need to do much renovation work. Only the living room was not what the Deschamps family had in mind. As Ruben explains, “The shiny, white tiled floor was too cold for our tastes and we felt that the house lacked cosiness and warmth”.
Demanding renovator

Ruben began his search for a suitable floor covering. Because the living room adjoins the kitchen, they needed a floor that could withstand wear and tear and, above all, it had to be water resistant. With two little children around, the floor also needed to be easy to clean and to be able to handle a certain amount of rough use. What is more, warmth and cosiness were essential. Ruben was faced with a real challenge.

Livyn: a natural look and easy to use

Ruben pored over catalogues and combed the internet in search of the ideal floor for his project. Eventually he found the inspiration he needed in Quick-Step: in the Livyn luxury vinyl floors, to be exact. These vinyl floors combine the natural warmth of wood with all the practical advantages of vinyl.
As it turned out, this was an elegant solution that met all his requirements: “In the meantime our living room has been completely transformed, because we have also painted the walls and kitchen cabinets in a fresh, new colour. The floor is absolutely beautiful and has a warm feel. As soon as you come into the living room, the Livyn floor invites you to take off your shoes and socks and enjoy the floor in bare feet. We can see how much our daughters enjoy playing or crawling around on this soft floor as well”.

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